Why trademarking your lodge identify will enhance your direct bookings

by    SEO   Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

Trademarking your hotel’s name will actually help you increase your direct bookings! Don’t know how? Watch my video for more information!

Who is Boostly?

It’s short for Boost Hospitality, we boost bookings for Independent hotel, guesthouse or self-let property owners

Our clients are fed up with the constant demands to promote their business.

Marketing is such an important part of the day to day business, however, sometimes you just can’t find the time to do the necessary work that is needed to get more “Heads On Beds.”

They have enough to worry about without having to post an update on their social media page or keeping track of the latest trends.

We deal directly with the online travel agents and work to reduce commission costs and increase direct bookings.

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