Tutorial on Putting up Privacy Window Film

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Tutorial on Putting up Privacy Window Film


Putting up window film (for privacy or aesthetic purposes)

Equipment and Resources

Invest in high-quality privacy window film. You may replace it sometimes, but a thick, high-quality one will serve your glass well for years. You might want to spend a little more on these to ensure you have the required quality.

Squeegee, rubber
Sharpened utility knife.
Sharp knife on one side.
Spritz bottle, please. Keep an extra liter on hand, or at least a clean container, so you can always refill the solution.
If your windows are enormous, you may want to use a wooden ruler or something similar as a cutting guide.
Johnson & Johnson’s line of baby shampoos for dry eyes works!
The water is pure.
Filters for coffee or microfiber cleaning cloths. (If you want a spotless clean, you shouldn’t use paper towels or toilet paper.)
A piece of adhesive tape will help you peel the film away from its backing.
Make a strategy for your setup.

Get the dimensions of each window that needs covering down on paper. In this method, you can find out exactly what to ask for. Always budget for a 15 percent buffer zone in case of unforeseen circumstances.



Before you begin, please read this procedure carefully.

Requiring intermediate to expert manual dexterity, novices should start with a couple of smaller panes of glass before moving on to the real deal.

If you live in a scorching climate, you should wait for cooler weather or work in the early morning or late afternoon to apply it. Soapy solutions fry too quickly in high temperatures.

Make sure there is enough room to move about by clearing the space of any obstructions, such as furniture or curtains. Carpets, hardwood floors, and other porous surfaces, please take precautions. Get ready with everything you’ll need, including cleaning supplies and rags.

1 Perform a complete window cleaning. Use only baby shampoo for this. Do not clean windows with vinegar or ammonia right now. Use a small, single-sided blade to scrape the glass if you feel any particles stuck to it. Be sure your glass is SPOTLESS before you drink from it. Let it dry, then have a look at it.

The Privacy window film should be pre-cut to be 1″ wider and 1″ longer than the actual dimension of the window.

3. Spray. Use the same spray bottle you did for the windows and fill it with baby shampoo (No Tears are excellent). Keep your hands wet with the same solution if you don’t want fingerprints on something. Don’t worry about drenching the glass if you’re generous.

Fourth, peel off the film’s backing; you can use two pieces of sticky tape for speed. To separate it, just cut two notches. After separating the movie by about an inch, spray it with the same soapy water solution. Large pieces require assistance, so have someone else spray the area while you peel. Don’t let dust, grime, or oil get on the film.

Put the pre-glued side of the Window film pieces against the glass and set them in place. Repeat the process of having someone spray the outside of the glass. Make sure the spraying is even throughout. Work your way down from the top. To keep it in place, you can use your hands. Remember that there needs to be an inch of overlap on both sides of the glass.

Step 6: Begin squeegeeing the film and glass to remove air bubbles. To prevent the film from being damaged due to friction, continue spraying the outer surface as you squeegee the inside bubbles. It’s recommended that you work from the center outward with the squeegee. Keep your distance of about 2 inches for the time being.

Step 6: Beginning at the top, left, and right, cut the surplus film using a new utility knife. Cut the glass down to size by as much as 1/16 of an inch. Don’t stress over precision. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with water that you can’t drain.

Seven, respray the film’s exterior. To remove air bubbles, squeegee the area once more. You should push any air bubbles toward the edge of the glass and pull them through the 1/16″ gap you left between the film and the window’s frame.

The film will dry and remain in place within the next half an hour. If you encounter any stubborn bubbles, you may always start over. Take some time off in between to try to regroup and try again. You’ll be an expert by the time you’ve completed your work. In about a week, the film will be entirely fried.

To watch a video, go to this link: Video.

Privacy Window Film has everything you need to know about window film and more at their website, PrivacyWindowFilm.biz (http://www.privacywindowfilm.biz/).

Congratulations! You’ve learned a new, more complex handyman ability!

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